What does our District do?

Do You Know What Your District Does?


The money your groups donate along with the monies District 8 raises makes it possible for your district to:

  • Do Public Outreach in the community which informs local professionals, the general public and the media of who we are, what we do and how to get in touch with Al-Anon and Alateen.
  • Coordinate and fund the Alateen Program.
  • Provide an InfoLine - Hotline.
  • Maintain and Coordinate a District Website: www.alanon-bozemanarea.org. Our website has a new look and address and is continually being updated with upcoming event flyers, current meeting lists, minutes from our district meetings, and district job descriptions. It is a resource for members as well as the public. Our District Info Line as well as links to the State Website and Al-Anon Family Groups are all listed.
  • Provide current meeting lists for members, the public and professionals, the newspaper, and for the District and State websites.
  • Provide a copy of How Al-Anon works to newcomers. Alateen also provides a daily reader for newcomers.
  • Send the District Rep or Alternate District Rep to Area Assembly each Spring and Fall to represent our district, give reports on what our district is doing and brings back a information to the groups from both the State Level (Montana AFG - Area Assembly) and the World Service Office & Conference
  • Participate with AA with Al-Alanon co-chairs for Roundups.
  • Conduct district business.
  • The district and it’s officers and coordinator are a resource for the groups.
  • Organize the Gratitude Festival. Our annual fundraiser is a wonderful opportunity to bring our recovery community together for Food, Fun and Fellowship!
  • Address group concerns. All the items being discussed at the World Service Conference are concerns that have come from the group level.
Download the Flyer for Your Group
Ever wonder what District is, who District is, what District does? Read about the important work being done by District 8 - on behalf of our local Al-Anon Groups - to spread the word about Al-Anon.
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