A letter From Our Area Newsletter Coordinator. Follow the link to the survey below to shape the newsletter as it goes forward. Your opinion matters! She writes:


New Year, New Newsletter

As I was working on my inventory for 2018 and my outlook on 2019, my Higher Power gave me the word Freedom to guide me in the coming year.

This fits, because recently I have been praying a lot to be released "from the bondage of self" as our fellows in AA call what I would call my ego. My need to control results and to know the outcome before I even start doing anything.

I am so grateful that in Al-Anon I get to practice "progress not perfection". Maybe the Newsletter doesn't have to be perfect. And maybe you will still love me if it isn't. Maybe, I can even love myself if it isn't. I know my Higher Power will. And that is what freedom means to me today.

When I stood for the newsletter coordinator position at the Fall Assembly, I said that I would only do it if I had permission to start it from scratch. And as you can see, I went straight to work and created a new template.

It isn't perfect, but it is easier to edit the newsletter, it uses similar fonts and colors as the website, and most of all I hope it will be easier to read.

As far as content, the newsletter will remain guided by our Area 32 Mission Statement:

To collect and distribute information and reports, initiate projects and make recommendations that support Al-Anon/Alateen at all levels (groups, districts, and WSC).

To ensure that I am getting this right, I would like to hear your voices:

  • What do you want from the Area 32 Newsletter?
  • How can we better serve you, your group and your district?
  • What kind of information and reports do you want to read?

Please help me by participating in this online survey

I set up an online survey where you can make your voice heard, just click on the button below and it will take you there. Please share this with your friends and fellows, especially those that do not currently receive the News & Views.

Thank you for helping me to serve Al-Anon. Thank you for trusting me with the News & Views and for giving me this opportunity.

Much love in service, Sylke

Summary of District Positions
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